Freo is an Employer’s Organisation striving to provide to its members a full range of services pertaining to labour related matters. As a non-profitable organisation, it is intent on performing its role in accordance with the spirit of the Labour Relations Act, and to ensure that where possible, the needs of its members are addressed, thereby promoting sound labour relations in the workplace.

FREO has a  unique structure offering to it's Members a wide range of Labour Related services, ensuring effective functioning of the Organisation. FREO functions on a National basis, and has professional and highly experienced Organizers, representing members at the C.C.M.A. and Bargaining Councils.

You may ask:  “Anything unique about FREO? 

In a nutshell, the focus of FREO’s Organisers is not in the number of Members they recruit,  but rather the effective Service they render to their Members. 

FREO is a Unique Organization for the following reasons:
  • We do not tell you what to do, we do it for you.
  • FREO does not operate in a Pool system - every Member gets specialized attention from the Organizer appointed to render a service to them.
  • Services are rendered at the workplace.
  • FREO is listed as one of the top Employers' Organisations. Structured in similarity to the model of American organisations: Non - profitable, providing entrepreneurship within a support basis. That is in effect why it works.
  • The Organisation has a high success rate with litigation of disputes.
  • The follow-up system is expedient. Members have direct cellphone communication with Organisers.
  • Large financial savings can be realized in different ways::
    • Unnecessary Arbitration Awards.
    • Management of Union involvement.
    • Correct retrenchment procedures.
    • Effective Strike - handling
    • Prevention of theft &Fraud in the workplace.
    • Compiling of Conditions of Employment & Procedures in accordance with legislation.
    • Chairing of all your disciplinarians to ensure procedural & substantive compliance..
  • Our Executive Committee is appointed in accordance with our Constitution.